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Execute Swaps

Single Pool Swap

Executing a swap should be done through the PoolsharkRouter contract (see deployments).

The multiSwapSplit function on the PoolsharkRouter will allow execution of a swap.

First an ERC-20 approve() should be done with the PoolsharkRouter as the spender.

The amount will be the tokenIn amount desired to be swapped.

Then the multiSwapSplit function can be called:

* @param pools The pool addresses to be swapped against
* @param params The SwapParams struct array to be passed in
function multiSwapSplit(
address[] memory pools,
SwapParams[] memory params

The SwapParams struct has the following fields:

    struct SwapParams {
* @custom:field to
* @notice Address for the receiver of the swap token output
address to;

* @custom:field priceLimit
* @notice The Q64.96 formatted sqrt price to stop swapping at
* @notice zeroForOne (i.e. token0 => token1 swap) moves price lower
* @notice !zeroForOne (i.e. token1 => token0 swap) moves price higher
uint160 priceLimit;

* @custom:field amount
* @notice The maximum tokenIn to be spent (exactIn)
* @notice OR tokenOut amount to be received (!exactIn)
uint128 amount;

* @custom:field exactIn
* @notice True if `amount` is in tokenIn
* @notice False if `amount` is in tokenOut
bool exactIn;

* @custom:field zeroForOne
* @notice True if swapping token0 => token1
* @notice False if swapping token1 => token0
bool zeroForOne;

* @custom:field callbackData
* @notice arbitrary bytes passed to msg.sender after `swap` call
bytes callbackData;

If nothing special is required, callbackData can be passed an a bytes32 value of zero.

Here is how this can be done using ethers.js:

    let txn = await hre.props.poolRouter
to: '0xBd5db4c7D55C086107f4e9D17c4c34395D1B1E1E',
priceLimit: BigNumber.from('2172618421097231267834892073346),
amount: ethers.utils.parseUnits('1', 18),
zeroForOne: true,
exactIn: true,
callbackData: ethers.utils.formatBytes32String('')
await txn.wait()

Multiple Pool Split Swap

A "split swap" will split an input amount across multiple pools, carrying any leftover tokenIn amount until the pools list is exhausted.

The remaining directions follow the same as the Single Pool Swap section above.