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FIN is the native token of Poolshark rewards users for providing liquidity, utilizing the platform, and DAO governance.

FIN is developed as a native token within the ecosystem, with the objective to enhance utility and adoption. The token is engineered to be community-oriented, and reconcile all significant stakeholders. The token has been created to be aligned with community members who are long term oriented.

FIN's maximum supply is 20,000,000 tokens.


The total supply is 20 million FIN.

Token Supply Distribution:

  • 70% Community
    • 45% Options liquidity mining
    • 25% Ecosystem fund
      • 10% POL Bonding
      • 7.5% Mode Liquidity
      • 5% Initial Liquidity
  • 20% Team
    • 18% team
      • 5-year linear vesting; no cliff
    • 2% advisors
      • 3-year linear vesting; no cliff
  • 10% Investors
    • 3-year linear vesting; no cliff

POL stands for Protocol-Owned Liquidity.

Protocol-Owned Liquidity involves having AMM liquidity which is permanent rather than relying on external sources.