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70% - 14,000,000 FIN
Subcategory% AllocationFIN Allocation
Options Liquidity Mining459,000,000
Ecosystem Fund255,000,000

FIN Tokens have been assigned to various growth incentive programs, with a focus on ensuring long-term sustainability. The rates shown in this section will vary as governance adjusts token distribution.

Options Liquidity Mining

Options Liquidity Mining will be released continuously over ~8 years with 20 seasons planned to date.

Poolshark will emit oFIN instead of standard FIN tokens.

To convert from oFIN to FIN users will purchase FIN at a % discount.

oFIN allows for sustainable long-term growth its ability to split revenue between LPs (liquidity providers) and DAO participants.

These emissions will be significantly expanded to bootstrap protocol adoption, and the revenue generated will help increase the capacity of operations (see Protocol Revenue). More details on how oFIN works can be found on the oFIN page.

Season Rewards Breakdown

Poolshark governance participants decide on emissions policy. The emission period of ~8 years was chosen to balance the need for incentivized rewards to early adopters while not distributing all FIN too early, which is required for long-term sustainability.

  • 50% [4,500,000 FIN] Whitelisted Liquidity Pools Pairs - These are the direct partners that the DAO has agreed upon with the Poolshark Protocol.

The following partners have successfully passed through DAO governance and will receive additional oFIN emissions as an incentive to maintain liquidity on their pair within the protocol. Furthermore, that the rates at which these tokens are emitted to certain liquidity pool pairs are subject to change based on the DAO's decision.

  • 22.5% [2,025,000 FIN] Non-Whitelisted Liquidity Pool Pairs - These will be permissionless liquidity pools deployed onto Poolshark.

Due to the permissionless nature of Poolshark, any team or protocol can deploy on Poolshark without the need for whitelisting. The DAO can vote on whether they want to increase emissions towards non-whitelisted pairs as well.

  • 15% [1,350,000] Traders - This program incentivizes traders to utilize the full capabilities of the Poolshark protocol.

This program is designed to incentivize users to make use of all the available features in Poolshark. This includes basic token swapping, as well as effective use of the "Limit Swap Order" to set price targets that can be fulfilled. This program will educate users about the full potential of the protocol and reward them for active participation.

  • 10% [900,000] Stakers - Users who stake FIN.

Users who stake their FIN into the protocol will be rewarded with both trading fees and FIN tokens to reward their participation and alignment within the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Fund

  • 13.76% [4,752,000 FIN] Growth Fund

The allotted amount of tokens given to the DAO for ecosystem growth. The fund will be managed by the DAO and used for ecosystem initiatives. Some examples are marketing, referral programs, partnerships, and more use cases.

  • 10% [2,000,000] POL Bonding

Liquidity providers of the protocol will be able to bond their liquidity position in exchange for oFIN rewards via Bond Protocol. This liquidity will then be permanently allocated to the platform to provide a source of continuous revenue.

  • 10% [2,000,000] POL Bonding

Liquidity providers of the protocol will be able to bond their liquidity position in exchange for oFIN rewards via Bond Protocol. This liquidity will then be permanently allocated to the platform to provide a source of continuous revenue.

  • 0.75% [150,000 FIN] Public Bonding

Early adopters of the protocol were able to participate in a public bonding event through Bond Protocol to distribute bonds of the FIN token with a 2 month maturity date. These bonds mature on 02/09/2024. Purchasers bought FIN with an FDV of 40,000,000 USD.

Bond purchasers from the initial sale were able to exchange their FIN bonds for a 2 month linear vesting. These fully vest on 02/09/2024.

Users will be able to exchange their bonds for FIN vesting prior to 02/09/2024.

The Poolshark Treasury will be able to reclaim any exchanged bonds after 02/09/2024.

  • 0.26% [52,000 FIN] TGE Liquidity Pool

TGE participants were able to trade ETH or WETH for FIN starting on the TGE date of 12/20/2023.

52,000 FIN was allocated to this initial liquidity along with 31 WETH acquired from public bonding.

Team & Advisors - 20% [4,000,000]

Subcategory% AllocationFIN Allocation
  • 18% [3,920,000 FIN] Team - Unlocked linearly over 5 years.

Team tokens will be issued for founding team members as well as staffing team members.

  • 2% [400,000 FIN] Advisors - Unlocked linearly over 3 years.

Contributors outside of the core team who provide suggestions in various areas such as marketing, business development, and product management to help with the protocol growth.

Investors - 10% [2,000,000 FIN] - Unlocked monthly over 3 years.

The seed raised was allocated to strategic partners who could add more than just capital to the project. The allocation for each investor was between $10,000 and $500,000. These ticket sizes ensured no individual group or angel had an undue advantage regarding DAO governance. Since the beginning of our project, we listened to our community about raising capital; Every investor we chose reflects that. (go through alphakey and write this out)